How to Buy Corporate Art From David Stanley Hewett Gallery & Studio

Fine art can provide a valuable aesthetic boost to any corporate office but equally as important are the financial benefits that can accrue from a well-curated corporate art collection.

If you share a passion for avant-garde Japanese art and are looking for an interesting investment opportunity, we would be more than happy to help you bring your vision to life.  

Our Process  

From hospitality to corporate and residential projects, the Hewett Team has 30 years of experience working with corporate art buyers, curators, and other professionals to manage the commission process. 

Designers work under a number of constraints when they are planning corporate office wall art projects. They have to ensure that the process meets several objectives as well as determine the space.

We have exceptional skills to facilitate the technical logistics and construction aspects of large-scale projects. Our corporate art consultants regularly work with liaisons and in-house teams from inception to installation.

The entire process consists of:

  • Budget Formulation
  • Concept Development
  • Art Selection
  • Scheduling a Timeline
  • Delivery & Installation

Onsite or Remote Consultation  

We know that the corporate artwork commission process can be complex, which is why we do our best to make the process as smooth and transparent as possible.

During the initial consultation, we will go over the logistics of payment and production through delivery and preservation. Our advisors begin by getting to know as much about you and your project as we can. 

To begin, you will meet for an in-person or remote consultation with David Stanley Hewett and the Hewett Studio Team. This meeting will set the foundation for corporate art collaboration and cover the general terms of the commission agreement. 

Corporate Artwork Concepts  

The concept is the seed of every project. This vital step in the commission process involves exploring design options. The first stages of concept development are site evaluation and the analysis of floor plans and boards. 

We can visit the site to take photos, or you can send us measurements and pictures. It shouldn’t take more than a visit or two to have everything we need to successfully execute your corporate art projects. 

To get an idea of the possibilities of collaboration, explore some of our client projects. This will help you understand your options for content, materials, scale, and style. When you are ready, you can send us ideas via sketches, notes, or any other medium you prefer. 

Once we have mapped out the space, collected reference photos, and developed a clear concept, we create an interactive presentation for you to preview. This high-tech, advanced 3D model of the proposed artwork shows you exactly how the corporate wall art will look after installation even before production has begun.  

Final Selection & Consultation 

Once the concept is fully developed, we will have another consultation meeting where we deliver the final proposal and discuss the acquisition details.

This proposal will contain specifics related to the commission process such as:

  • Benchmarks and milestone dates
  • What the creative process itself entails
  • The final deadline/timeline for delivery
  • Shipping and installation strategy
  • Payment stipulations
  • A list of comparable artworks as a point of reference
  • Milestone dates (when you would like to see sketches, etc.)
  • The creative process
  • How the final image should be delivered (shipping strategy)
  • How and when final payment should be rendered
  • A list of prices of comparable artworks/other pieces as a point of reference

Letters of authenticity are available upon request. 

Payment, Terms and Conditions, Documentation

We like to keep things simple, safe, and practical for all parties involved in the transaction.

The following terms and conditions are standard for each commission we take on, but they are subject to change.

  • Pricing is determined by the size of the artwork.
  • We accept cash, credit card, and bank wire.
  • A 10% consumption tax is applied to all orders.
  • David Stanley Hewett’s artwork is sold exclusively in Japan. 

We use a 50:50 payment structure, which requires you to pay 50% upfront and the rest after the commission is approved as complete. The full payment is due once the artwork is installed and you have sent us confirmation that the installation is complete. 

We provide an invoice, receipt, and documentation with the following information: 

  • The size and title of the artwork
  • A specific breakdown of shipping charges or any other fees
  • High-quality files in your preferred format (illustrations, 3D renderings, photos, etc.)
  • The date of the agreement
  • Copyrights (title)

Delivery, Installation, and Aftercare of Corporate Art Collections

Once the transaction is over and the artwork is finished, we effectively begin the most exhilarating stages of the process: placing the artwork in its final destination.

Our corporate art consultants work closely with curators, architects, and designers to troubleshoot transporting, framing, installing, and lighting their new corporate office artwork. We also specialize in overseas shipping for clients outside of Japan. Our advisors have extensive experience working with shipping companies, insurers, and customs to deliver artwork anywhere in the world. 

Whether it’s safely and efficiently shipping the artwork, how to protect it from deterioration, or how to insure it, collection management requires ongoing maintenance. After the installation is successful, we can help you set up a plan to maintain the longevity of your custom artwork. 

David Stanley Hewett: Painting to Preserve a Legacy

David Stanley Hewett’s intense curiosity about Japanese art and culture ultimately inspired him to migrate to Japan in 1988 to study artistry and design.

The Hewett Studio Team is dedicated to keeping the legacy of traditional Japanese art and culture alive. As a US transplant, former marine, and investment banker steeped in the world of the Japanese art world, Hewett puts his own twist perspective to timeless traditions.

Today, he is a modern master whose work carries deep historical significance. His unmistakable style and process span a unique combination of aesthetical contexts, including Avant-Garde art, design, pottery, calligraphy, minimalism.  

Hewett specializes in large-scale paintings meant to transform architectural spaces. His works can be seen in private and public collections throughout Japan, Asia, and the United States. 

Hewett’s ethos is heavily influenced by the virtues of Shintoism and Bushido. Works in the Bushido Series, which can be seen as a retrospective of his 30-year journey as an artist living in Japan, embody the virtues of loyalty, honor, respect, and excellence. 

As Hewett himself explained, “The use of gold and deep reds and blues are reminiscent of a visit to a Japanese shrine with their worn brass fittings and fading paintings on wood. The viewers of my creation’s style find the work bold and calming at the same time and often remark that while simple in composition, the works continue to evolve, revealing over time complexity and depth not apparent at first glance.”


How can I check on the progress of a corporate artwork project?

We will be in touch throughout the process to give you regular updates on the production process and notify you of any changes. We will mutually decide on a timeline during the consultation for chances for you to give your feedback and observe the work in progress. 

How much does it cost to commission a painting from a corporate artist?

Assessing the value of an artwork is one of the toughest challenges corporate art buyers face. Although each project is different, the cost is primarily determined by the size of the artwork. Please let us know your budget requirements when you contact us. 

How long does it take to commission corporate office artwork?

Corporate art projects can take anywhere from a few months to a year or more to complete. It all depends on the agreed-upon timeline and the scope of the project. Kindly specify a deadline when you fill out your initial contact form so we can promptly let you know if your project is feasible. 

What kind of corporate office wall art can I commission?

David Stanley Hewett Specializes in abstract Avant-Garde art. Explore Hewett’s collaborations with other clients to get an idea of the kinds of artwork he produces. Typically his clients commission large scale paintings, but he works with a variety of other mediums and materials. 

How do I pay for a commissioned artwork? 

You can pay by cash, credit card, or bank wire. We use a 50:50 payment structure where half is due at signing, and the other half is due upon completion of the project. 

Commission Corporate Art From Hewett Studio 

Are you looking for the perfect piece of corporate wall art to adorn the walls of your building? Fine art provides an exciting investment opportunity.

If you are searching for a corporate artist to invest in, an original David Stanley Hewett is a valuable addition to any corporate art collection. Contact us by email, phone, or through our website to commission a one-of-a-kind work of art for your next big project.