David Stanley Hewett is one of the most well known foreign artists in Japan. His works can be seen in the permanent collections of the Imperial Hotel, Oakwood Premier Tokyo, The Okura Hotel, The Peninsula Hotel, Mitsui Trading and numerous other public and private collections around the world. Hewett first set foot on Japanese soil in 1988. His love for Japanese arts and culture motivated him to study Japanese ceramics, Japanese traditional painting, Obi design and most notably: the technique for making traditional Japanese folding screens. This art is rarely practiced anymore as most screens are now made with modern tools and materials.

As a former US Marine and a long-time practitioner of Japanese Karate, Hewett has always been fascinated with Japanese martial history and culture. The often referred to Samurai code of Bushido and the Japanese Shinto Religion have played significant roles in influencing Hewett’s work over the past decade.

Hewett’s consistently inconsistent use of a variety of materials keep his admirers guessing at what will be next. Hewett’s Nagano studio is akin to a laboratory with beakers and bottles, pigments of a multitude of colors and the smells of Nikawa, the gel that is extracted from deer skin to affix pigments to the paper, floating through the air.

Hewett’s use of gold and deep reds and blues are reminiscent of a visit to a Japanese shrine with their worn brass fittings and fading paintings on wood. Admirers of Hewett’s style find the work bold and calming at the same time and often remark that while apparently simple in composition, the works continue to evolve, revealing over time a complexity and depth not apparent at first.

Since 1992 Hewett has held major exhibitions in Japan, The United States and Singapore.




The American Club Tokyo, April, 2018
Takashimaya Osaka Gallery Next, December, 2017
Ginza Six – artglorieux Gallery June, 2017
Tokyo International Art Fair, May, 2017
Mitsukoshi Gallery, Niigata, April, 2017
Mitsukoshi Gallery Sapporo, March, 2017
Maruei Gallery, Nagoya, February, 2017
The Karuizawa Tourist Association Gallery, September 2016
Agora Gallery, New York, September 2016
Daimaru Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan, April, 2016
Mitsukoshi Gallery Sapporo, Japan, March, 2016
Takashimaya Gallery Nihonbashi, July 2015
Mitsukoshi Gallery Sapporo, Japan, March 2014
JR Takashimaya Gallery Nagoya, January 2012
Takashimaya Gallery Shinjuku, October, 2011
ANA Intercontinental Hotel, Tokyo, Painting Exhibition, June, 2011
The Four Seasons Hotel, Marunouchi July 2010-July, 2011
Takashimaya Gallery, Shinjuku, September 17-30, 2008
Roppongi Hills Club, April 1- June 28, 2008, Solo Exhibition
Gallery Eizo, Tokyo, March 3 -17, 2008. Solo exhibition
Mitsukoshi, Artifex Galley, November 2007
The Ritz Carlton Residences,Tokyo, December 4-28, 2007.
The Hewett Art Gallery, Tokyo, November 9 – 11, 2007. Solo exhibition.
Bunkamura Gallery, Shibuya, May 27 – June 1, 2005.
Gallery K, Tokyo, December 1 – 6, 2003. Solo exhibition.
Gallery Eizo, Tokyo, March 24-April 4, 2003. Solo exhibition of works in oil.
Brenda Taylor Gallery, Boston, April 1 – May 31, 1994. Solo exhibition.
Blue, Tokyo, January 1994. Installation to raise money for AIDS research.
Inokashira Park Installation, Tokyo, January 1994. Exhibition of photographs.
Inokashira Park Installation, Tokyo, November 1993. Created a 200 meter wall
using a single piece of Japanese paper in downtown Tokyo park.
Informuse Gallery, Tokyo, September 1 – October 15, 1993. One-man exhibition
Yasuda Trust Bank Gallery, Tokyo, August 1 – October 31, 1993. One-man show.
Libest Gallery So, Tokyo, June 1993. One-man show of sculpture and painting.
Libest Gallery So. Tokyo, July 1992. One-man exhibition of multi-media paintings

Group Exhibitions

Art House Kleinschmidt, November, 2006
Art Front Gallery, Group show of gallery artists, December 2005
DaikanYama Art Fair, Group Exhibition, December, 2004
DaikanYama Art Fair, Group Exhibition, December, 2003
Art Front Gallery, Tokyo, June 1994. Group show of gallery artists.
Shinkura Gallery, Tokyo, January 1994. Group exhibition.
Libest Gallery So, Tokyo, August 1993. Group show of gallery artists.
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo, October 1991. Group exhibition


Oakwood Premier, 2015, Tokyo – 3 Large Paintings for luxury hotel lobby.
Peninsula Hotel, 2007 – Tokyo – Commission of painting for Presidential Suite.
Hotel Okura, 2005 – Seven Ceramic works and three paintings for their new Spa
Mitsui Real Estate, 2004 – Multiple Commissions.
Sumitomo Real Estate, 2004 – Multiple Commissions.
JVC Victor Records, Tokyo, 1993. CD cover for singer Hirose Koumi.
Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, 1992. Commissioned to paint 108 paintings.
Mitsui Bussan Int., Yokohama, 1992. Five paintings for architectural project.

Corporate Collections

Prudential Securities Japan, Ltd.
Mizuho Bank
Mitsubishi Trading Company.
Mitsui Bussan International
Manabe Midori Interior Design


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Representing Galleries

Gallery Fukazawa – Karuizawa
Art Front Gallery – Tokyo
The Tokyo Gallery – Singapore
Kaigado Gallery – Tokyo