Golden Clydes Project

PUMA x Hewett

April 12, 2023

Last year the design director from Puma-Japan approached me to design a pair of shoes for the 75th anniversary of Puma. We selected the Puma CLYDE shoe which has been around since 1971 when it was made for the NBA’s amazing Walt Frazier. The Hewett Golden Clyde shoes were first shown to the public at last week’s PUMA 75th Anniversary “Forever.Faster.” THE SHOW in Tokyo.

The shoes are one of a kind and 100% Made in Japan.

This project was really challenging as I had to figure out how to apply gold leaf to suede and still keep the shape and feel of the Clyde. The Hewett Golden Clyde came out great and I am so excited to partner with such an amazing global brand; Puma. If you would like to see the Hewett Golden Clydes, please stop by the Hewett Gallery in Karuizawa where we will have them on display.