Nikkyo Gakki

The Metallic Art Piano

April 6, 2022

I am very pleased to announce my most recent collaboration with the wonderful people at Nikkyo Gakki Co.  The Metallic Art Piano brings music and art together.

I am honored to have been invited to collaborate on this exciting project as the first artist.  The Hewett line of pianos has 6 designs, and each will be hand painted by me in my Karuizawa Studio. I painted directly on the lid of this beautiful Yamaha Grand Piano in my Karuizawa studio using Kanazawa Gold Leaf. The title of this first work is ‘Proclaim’.

Nikkyo Gakki held a wonderful launch event where I spoke and attended three piano shows by the amazingly talented pianist; Jacob Koller. Each show was attended by hundreds of people and afterwards people from the audience were invited to play the piano. It was a really fun day of music and art.

The art piano was designed to enhance the musical experience but stands alone as a work of art. If you are in Nagoya, please stop by Nikkyo Gakki to have a look at the first Metallic Art Piano.