Hewett Fashion—Troth

May 2, 2017

Good Morning. I woke up to green grass and gardens at our Karuizawa home and headed to the studio. The rains are giving way to green and I am reminded of the good fortune we have in being able to experience the change of the seasons every year.

I have spent the last few years touring Japan holding exhibitions and am so thankful for all the support I have received from so many of you. I am busy now preparing for my New York exhibition at The Agora Gallery in New York City. In addition I am working on my fourth clothing project. I have designed Yukatas and the #1 selling Obi for Takashimaya in 2008. This time I will be creating a brand of clothing made from 100% Japanese materials by Japanese craftsman. The clothes will highlight Japanese themes and include handmade silver buttons and embroidery.

In addition to the clothing line I will be launching a line of men’s silver jewellery. I hope to be able to share the designs with you this Fall.